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With the passage of AB 32 and SB 375, California acknowledged a clear relationship between transportation and land use, transportation and greenhouse gas emissions, and the continuing burden of criteria air pollutants that fossil fuels produce. Further land use research and development is necessary to both explain and quantify potential energy savings from better integrated land use and transportation practices. The Center’s transportation research includes developing new street and community designs, articulating resource efficiency in regulatory and economic terms, studying the potential of improving electric vehicle penetration, and conducting life cycle assessments of alternative transportation modes.


los angeles sustainability plan

Los Angeles Sustainability Plan

The County of Los Angeles has developed the first county-wide sustainability plan, and has contracted with UCLA, in collaboration with the engineering firm Buro Happold, and with Liberty Hill Foundation. The UCLA team includes the CCSC, the UCLA Law School and the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge. CCSC is providing expertise in the development of goals...