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Massive iceberg breaks away from Antarctica

An iceberg the size of Delaware breaks off the Antarctic peninsula. CNN's Kyung Lah reports. (With Aradhna Tripati.)


Rising Temperatures Will Put Seniors at Risk, Experts Predict

“Literally every decade we have more record-breaking years with respect to temperatures,” said Aradhna E. Tripati, a climate scientist at UCLA. “We’re already paying a cost and it’s going to keep going up.” Seniors are especially vulnerable during heat waves because they have a harder time than younger adults adjusting to sudden changes in temperature.


Feds give $320,000 grant to group working on cooling LA County, reducing hot spots, heat-related deaths

If a second federal grant is awarded by end of summer, the group will have received the full $2 million to complete a four-year project that studies how heat events, in part caused by global climate change, affects the most vulnerable local communities identified in a previous UCLA study: the San Fernando Valley, Huntington Park and Sunland and others.

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Johnson and Trump

by Anonymous Student November 22nd, 1963, United States President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while driving through Dallas. The perpetrator, Lee Harvey Oswald, was never charged, due to his own murder. It was a transformative event for the average American, one that would come to shape the world for decades to come. And, it wasn’t...


Rising climate scientist honored by President Obama

UCLA geochemist Aradhna Tripati received the highest honor the United States bestows on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their careers—the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers. Presented earlier this month by former President Barack Obama, the award acknowledges individuals who lead in understanding and confronting a range of challenges,...