Env159 Product Life Cycle Assessment class projects

A Product Life Cycle Assessment is a framework to quantify the total material and environmental burden associated with the consumption of a product (such as electricity or a pair of jeans) or service (such as air-conditioning or transportation). Done right, and interpreted carefully, LCA can help consumers and producers make environmentally more sustainable choices. This is an introductory course on how to perform an LCA and interpret its findings depending on whether you are private individual, a business unit or a decision maker in a public agency.

Class project reports

A Lifecycle Analysis Approach to the Sharing Economy: Lessons from Airbnb
by James Howe and Rie Kudo.

Alternatives Analysis on Non-Lead Alloys for Public Water System Applications
by Elissa Loughman

Amazon or ASUCLA Store: LCA of a Textbook Purchase
by Erin Berlin, Johanna Heyer, Andy Liu, Jacob Rudolph

Almond Milk vs. Cow Milk Life Cycle Assessment
by Jacqueline Ho, Ingrid Maradiaga, Jamika Martin, Huyen Nguyen, Linh Trinh

Life Cycle Analysis: E-reader and Printed Books
by Peter Ding, Simon Evans, Chong Hong, Yu-Cheng Lin, Alex Norring

Lifecycle Analysis of Farmed Salmon vs. Wild-Fished Salmon
by Maya Bruguera, Clariss Limso, Stephanie Lopez, Justin Resnick, Anais Tadlaoui

Life Cycle Analysis: Comparison of Hand-Washing and Dishwasher Machines
by Jenny Binstock, Saira Gandhi, Erin Steva

Lifecycle Analysis of Hydropower generation and Natural Gas power generation
by Rémi Vallier, Laura Marie, David Wang, Eric Seo

Life Cycle Analysis Comparison of Organic and Conventional Blueberry Production
by Kimberly Aguirre, Nauman Charania, Brittany Chetty, Helen Weaver, Liang Zhu

Comparison of the Lifetime Costs and Water Footprint of Sod and Artificial Turf: A Life Cycle Analysis
by Jennifer Adachi, Chris Jansen, Marina Lindsay, Austin Park, Carolina Villacis

Team Prudent Protein
by Pars Parikh, Adam Gushansky, Apsara Perera, Jerry Chi, Michael Morrison

Life Cycle Analysis: Store­-Bought Milk vs. Home-­Delivered Milk
by Anne Cheng, Caleb Chi, Lauren Kean, Shannon Miner

Life Cycle Analysis: Uber vs. Car Ownership
by Valerie Carranza, Kenyon Chow, Huyen Pham, Elizabeth Roswell, Peilun Sun

Lifecycle Analysis Comparison of a Battery Electric Vehicle and a Conventional Gasoline Vehicle
by Kimberly Aguirre, Luke Eisenhardt, Christian Lim, Brittany Nelson, Alex Norring, Peter Slowik, Nancy Tu

Building For A Greener Future
Albert Park, Cassandra Trickett, Dane Worley, Jamie Tian, Julie Kelleher, Riley Cutner, and Tinny Cheung

Note: Env159 is offered each Spring. Enrollment is about 55 student each year and comprises of mostly seniors but also some juniors. Class projects selected here are from more than one year.