Assistant Project Scientist Position, IoES

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability invites applications for a position in the Project Scientist series at the level of Assistant Project Scientist, Step V, (PhD or equivalent required).

We seek a highly qualified and enthusiastic individual to join our team to develop remote sensing methods to analyze forest structure, disturbance and regrowth. This project will provide and exciting opportunity for large-scale analyses over different ecosystems using airborne and satellite measurements. Specific activities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyzing airborne lidar data from the Airborne Snow Observatory (ASO) to study the impact of vegetation structure on snow pack and melt
  • Analyzing time-series of ASO data to assess impact of droughts and fire on tree health and tree mortality over Sierra Nevada, California.
  • Calculate wall-to-wall biomass and pixel level uncertainty maps using US forest service field inventory data, remote sensing imagery (e.g. ALSO-PALSAR, SRTM) and machine learning algorithms to initialize JPL carbon flux models.
  • Developing methods using time series of satellite data (GLAS, GEDI, MODIS, QSCAT) to analyze the impact of droughts on Leaf Area Index and vegetation cover dynamics in the Amazon basin.
  • Provide forest demographic and structural information from remote sensing data (e.g. airborne lidar, GLAS) to initialize the ED2 model over the Amazon basin.

The successful candidate will become a member of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. The Project Scientist will also be encouraged to develop her/his own research focus on some aspect(s) of the project.

Apply for the position on the UC Recruit site