Project Scientist Position in Evolutionary Adaptation of Marine Phytoplankton to Environmental Change, IoES

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability invites applications for a position in the Project Scientist Series (Ph.D. or equivalent required). The position will be in a newly established laboratory directed by Professor Robert Eagle aimed at understanding evolutionary and adaptive responses to environmental change.
We seek a highly qualified and enthusiastic individual to join our team that works on the adaptive and evolutionary responses of marine biomineralizing organisms to environmental changes such as warming and ocean acidification. Our group studies organisms as diverse as coccolithophores, corals, echinoids, and mollusks. The focus of this position is the development of projects examining the adaptive and evolutionary response of mineralizing phytoplankton (including but not limited to coccolithophores) to environmental stressors. The laboratory will contain facilities for phytoplankton culturing and characterization. Projects will focus on characterizing adaptive evolutionary responses to pH, temperature, and combined stressors during long-term experiments. Prior experience with culturing phytoplankton required.

The successful candidate will be expected to make significant, original, and creative contributions in this area. They will be asked to develop their own research focus on some aspect(s) of the projects, contribute to academic writing including research papers and grant proposals, train and mentor graduate and undergraduate students and postdoctoral scientists, and to participate in outreach.

Specific responsibilities will include: 

  • Establishment and maintenance of chemostat and turbidostat systems
  • Establishment and maintenance of plankton cultures
  • Perform basic physiological and microscopic and chemical analyses
  • Prepare samples for genomic and functional genomic analyses
  • Analyses of genomic and functional genomic data
  • Regular maintenance of instrumentation, support of laboratory facilities, and compliance with health and safety standards

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