La Kretz Public Discussions

At the La Kretz Center, we are working to help make conservation science relevant and accessible to members of the general public. In partnership with the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, we host an annual Public Discussion focused on topics of current conservation issues that impact all Angelenos. These annual discussions are lively, informative, and help bring the perspectives of the public, scientists and managers to bear on important conservation problems in our city.


Life in the L.A. River

With the imminent revitalization of the L.A. River, the city’s landscape is about to transform. But how will the restoration project impact life in and around the river?

Meow! A Cat Discussion

New studies indicate that cats have a negative impact on native biodiversity and are a threat to human health. So what’s a cat lover to do?

DamNation film screening and panel discussion

Embark on a film odyssey that explores the change in national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders, to the growing awareness that our futures are bound to the life and health of our rivers. Includes a brief panel discussion, prior to the screening, moderated by scientist-turned-filmmaker Randy Olsen.