Eight scientific visions for a thriving planet

Belinda Waymouth

At Earth Now: Earth 2050, UCLA’s top environmental thinkers gave short talks on the paths we must take to have a sustainable planet in decades to come.



Climate change still up for debate?

Belinda Waymouth

Debate moderators have used immigration, gun control and abortion to contrast the ideological differences of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her Republican counterpart Donald Trump. But they avoided climate change—an issue that starkly divides the nominees. In last week’s third and final Clinton/Trump face-off, the issue wasn’t mentioned at all. During the second debate, climate…



Bringing cities together for a greener future

David Colgan

Luckily, they also have Yoram Cohen in common. Cohen is a UCLA professor of chemical engineering who takes a global approach to sustainability. Last year, while participating in a conference on Jerusalem, he was reminded of the two locations’ similarities. “One of the topics we covered was the city’s sustainability challenges,” Cohen said. It made…



Powering energy policy with big data

David Colgan

The Los Angeles County Energy Atlas is an interactive map that combines utility data, census information and details about buildings—their age, size and whether they’re used for residential or commercial purposes. Decision makers are increasingly using the atlas to reduce carbon emissions and energy waste. Stephanie Pincetl, a professor with UCLA’s Institute of the Environment…



Renewable energy ignites debate

David Colgan

In front of a sold out crowd at UCLA, four experts debated the future of energy and the environment at Powering Earth 2050: Is California’s 100% Renewable Strategy Globally Viable? The Tuesday event marked the latest installment of the Oppenheim Lecture Series, which is produced by the UCLA Institute for the Environment and Sustainability. For…



Back to school: unlearning nine environmental myths

Peter Kareiva

I have taught these introductory courses for 30 years, and have been consistently surprised by the erroneous certainties students bring to the first environmental science lecture. Rooted not in fact and science but in myth and fear, these certainties keep environmentalism from moving forward and being more relevant to the contemporary world. For my new…