By Sabrina Theocharides

This week, the conversation about our food waste video continues. We’ve come a long way and we have a nearly completed video that communicates our reasons to be concerned about current food waste levels at UCLA with an engaging backdrop of a student eating in a dining hall and where her food goes when she’s done. We’re really excited about how interesting the video is and we think it will get a lot of attention when we show it in dining halls next year and at related events all over campus. During our weekly meeting, we watched the video together and discussed changes we want to make on the most recent version. We expect a final copy to be ready next week!

We are also ramping up efforts to prepare for our upcoming presentations at the weekly Dining Management meeting and annual Undergraduate Research Poster Day. We worked over the weekend to put together a poster that summarizes every project we’ve worked on this year and how to effectively communicate our results. We also created a powerpoint communicating our efforts in a way that will make sense to the dining staff, who aren’t currently familiar with the SAR program.

We’re looking forward to the feedback we will get from these presentations and are excited to finalize our work!