By Eric Witiw

This week we finished up our final day of surveying. We met and discussed how we want to sort the scores for food waste from each survey and came up with a scale from 0 to 3. A 0 represents no food waste whatsoever and a 3 represents an egregious amount of food waste containing multiple untouched and uneaten pieces of food. We also met with Sarah Miller, who is in charge of producing media content on the Hill, to discuss the possibility of creating a video that could improve campus-wide education on what happens food waste. We are looking to make the movie without sound, so that we can share it through more platforms and have it be influential without the need for dialogue to be heard. We also finished our presentation on our work from this past quarter and shared it with the rest of the SAR community on Thursday. We will be spending finals week and spring break finishing up our written midterm report and aggregating the survey data. We hope to have all the data entered and sorted, as well as our food waste scores fully recorded, before our first meeting during the Spring Quarter. We met our deadline of completing the data collection during the Winter quarter but have a lot of work ahead of us in education and outreach in the Spring.