Jordan Rosencranz awarded UCLA Graduate Division Dissertation Year Fellowship

Jordan Rosencranz has been awarded a UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship, which is designed to help students in the final writing stage of their doctorates. For his research, Rosencranz partnered with the U.S. Geological Survey to examine ‘the coastal squeeze’ phenomenon of Californian salt marshes: Human development has already encroached on wildlife habitat such as marshes and wetlands, but with climate change driven sea level rise, habitats are now pressured from both sides. “This job has helped me understand what the U.S. Geological Survey does. And being able to help out, has given me the opportunity to do something bigger than I could do on my own as a doctoral student,” he says.

Rosencranz blogs about the Ridgeway’s Rail, an endangered bird that lives in a narrow habitat range. There are adaptive strategies that coastal managers can utilize to protect them in the short-term.