establishing a stable framework

Establishing a Stable Framework

By Chu Young (Esther) Woo

We started the week off with finishing team contracts. In my personal opinion, to be honest I wasn’t expecting much and thought it would be pretty procedural and slightly dull. And as expected it wasn’t the most exciting part of the trying to help Pauley get recertified. But overall and to my surprise I found it very helpful! The questions were thorough and it made us think, discuss and create a stable framework on how we would accomplish our sizeable goal. We came up with specific goals and completion deadlines. We discussed how we would approach disagreements and how we can keep an environment where the whole team can talk and contribute. My favorite part was when we decided how weekly meetings would run. Each week, team members are assigned to specific tasks or “homework” that we have to complete by the next week and would discuss what we did/learned. The idea is basic, but by coming up with it, it established the concept as an integral part of our meetings. This in turn will help the team stay focused and minimize confusion on the tasks that need to be completed.

For “homework” this week, each member was assigned to 2 LEED EBOM energy pre-reqs/credits to decide if they were new/old credits or credits that were already attained from LEED NC v2.2. We also had to figure out what additional information would be needed to gain/maintain the credit for LEED EBOM v4, along with comments/questions to our stakeholders.

We ended our meeting today (week 5) with a cheery outlook and decided that the homework was easy enough to assign 6 credits per person next week even though we’re in the midst of midterm season!