By Alison Chi

This quarter, we are focusing our efforts on education and outreach so we’ve started this quarter running. This past week, we finished up a script for an upcoming short video we’re working with UCLA Housing on that’ll give a snapshot of how food waste is handled on the backend. We’re hoping to convey that every little bit of food leftover on a person’s plate really impacts the overall waste generated on the consumer end at UCLA.

On top of the video, we’ve decided as a team to participate in Food For Thought, a hill event put on by the sustainability floor Rieber 3N. This will coincide well with the Earth Day Fair, giving us an extra opportunity to do some community outreach and educating students on the hill about our project and research. We’re also applying to the undergraduate research forum, hoping to be able to create a poster board to summarize our project and research.

We’ll be wrapping up the end of our data analysis in the upcoming weeks and work with dining to create effective signage and we’re looking for a new team name! So far, I’ve put in my two cents to change our name to Foo(d) Fighters…