getting to know pauley pavilion

Getting to know Pauley Pavilion

By Erick Ocampo-Ramos

This week our team focused on completing a literature review to better understand sustainability at Pauley Pavilion. We learned about UCLA’s association with the Green Sports Alliance, a non-profit organization that promotes environmentally responsible actions across sports leagues, teams, venues, and fans. We also looked into sustainability efforts at Stanford University’s Maples Pavilion and Ohio State University’s Ohio Stadium for potential modifications at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion. Our research led us to the Zero Waste Pauley campaign initiated by a previous SAR team. This campaign, designed to transition Pauley Pavilion into a zero waste facility, remains an ongoing effort.

In the interest of getting a better grasp of campus environmental regulations, our team decided to review UCLA policies. In mid-2003, the UC Board of Regents implemented a system-wide Green Building Policy and Clean Energy Standards. Under these changes UCLA was required to incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability into all of its capital projects. This policy set forth an internal certification process based on LEED standards. During our first meeting our primary stakeholder, Professor Todd Lynch, informed us about LEED’s multiple versions. We have since compiled a set of charts from the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) that illustrate the key differences across several versions of LEED.

We aim to finalize our literature review by the end of this week. In the following weeks our team will continue to discuss and analyze our data sources.  We are particularly interested in data related to Pauley Pavilion’s EUI (Energy Use Intensity). For this reason, we attended a portfolio manager webinar hosted by Energy Star. The goal for next week is to finalize the objectives of our project through a team contract with our primary stakeholder