By Lily Wherry

This past week was spent getting everything ready for the big midterm presentations on Thursday. We split up our tasks and slides into four groups: Intro, progress, challenges, and next steps. In our presentations, we included the architecture plans for Parking Structure 9, which we had gone over in detail the previous week. We also included several photos of us working on the project over the past quarter. We all met Thursday before the presentation to practice and time ourselves.

Everyone on the Resilience team really enjoyed listening to everyone’s presentations and learning about what all the other groups had been up to. There was such great enthusiasm from everyone in SAR, which was truly inspiring! During our presentation, we reviewed all that we had accomplished in the past nine weeks and discussed what our plans for the Spring are. Our biggest focus is applying for funding through TGIF, figuring out the budget, doing an engineering study, and hopefully implementing the system. We also will be figuring out what do for Earth Day. We have a lot of work ahead of us and are looking forward to exciting new things in the Spring!