By Sarah Paset, Lily Wherry, Eddie Galvin, Gabriel Hernandez, Keerthana Muthukrishnan, and Ben Tran. Edited by Melissa Ikeda.

The 2018 Sustainability Action Research Hospital Team is striving to help the UCLA Ronald Regan Medical Center save not only lives, but also the environment! See what they’ve been up to as they tackle the complex issue of hospital sustainability.

Week 1: Jumping back in!

As sad as we are that spring break flew by, the hospital team is excited to be back on campus and making progress with our project. We’ll be implementing advice and input from our meeting with Carl and Danna as we move forward.

Week 2: Developing Interview Questions

This week the hospital team gathered in what has become out favorite meeting spot: Jimmy’s! We developed our list of interview questions so that we can reach out the health centers that have implemented their own sustainability initiatives. We also planned out earth day and are excited to share some hospital trivia with everyone!

Week 3: Tote bags from hospital linens!

The Hospital team with their stakeholder, Sara Lindenfeld, got some insider information on an upcoming idea using hospital linens to make reusable tote bags.


UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital’s inventory does not have Sarah ammused with all the plastic packaging.

Week 4: Making progress!

Hospital Team working together to create more sustainable urinals for the UCLA Health facilities that ensure patient and environmental health. 

Week 5: Communicating Research

The Hospital team attacking research from a different point of view.


The Hospital team learning how to effectively communicate scientific content from Professor Christensen.

Week 6: Making strides!

The Hospital Team makes huge strides in renaming UCLA street Abbey Road.

Week 7: Hospital Team Site Visit!

Hospital Team leads the way towards sustainable procurement!


SAR learning about waste streams within UCLA Health.

Week 9: The final stretch! 

Hospital Team working hard on the final presentation and now only two remain with this pot of coffee.