By Chris Hunter

While we have no shortage of ideas on how to reduce waste within UniversityApartments, we are still waiting to see which ones we can actually implement. We’ve quickly learned that there is a guideline for everything and implementing new waste programs is not as straightforward as it sounds, but we are confident that the puzzle pieces will soon begin to fit together! For example, we noticed there were almost no outdoor waste and recycling receptacles in Weyburn Terrace and we had hoped to place some pilot bins in the courtyards, but it turns out most types of bins are considered fire hazards. Last week we met with JavierBarajas from Housing & Hospitality Services who had lots of great inputs on university policy as it relates to waste collection. Still, anything we decide must be agreed on by Athens Services, the company that handles waste collection at UCLA, in addition to the university. Our top priority at the moment is setting up a meeting with Athens, who we hope are as excited about helpingUCLA reach its goal of Zero Waste by 2020 as we are, and will be able to provide guidance and clarity as to what additional services we can implement to make it happen.

Until then, there are still some smaller projects to keep us busy! On Friday night we are attending the Weyburn ResLife Karaoke Social to attempt to make it a zero-waste event. We will also talk to residents and ask about their thoughts on waste reduction. Meanwhile, we are working on redesigning the signage by the trash shoots and any waste receptacles to encourage/inform residents of how to properly sort their waste. We plan on finishing the designs by the end of the quarter to get them up by spring! Finally, we have begun exploring the idea hosting an event to make move-out more sustainable. We interested in one company in particular, ATRS Corps, which hosts donation and recycling events. The pictures above are of the ineffective waste signage in UA.