By Adam Gushansky

As we forge ahead through Week 7, our final deliverables are starting to take shape. We’re going to deliver a LEED certification attainment model with cost estimates, assumptions, and knowledge gaps to our stakeholder, Todd Lynch. Given the initial decentralization of the resources we’ve gathered, building this model was considered an arduous and ambitious goal; only through the generous and continued effort by Professor Lynch, Katie Zeller of UCLA Recreation, and others have we gotten this far. Our model will likely have more knowledge gaps and assumptions than originally envisioned, but, as we’ve come to realize, adjusting expectations on-the-fly is a sobering reality – albeit a necessity – of many long-term projects. Overall, we’re confident that our work will set the stage for the next team (whether it be students or UCLA Capital Programs) to carry Pauley Pavilion’s certification through completion.

In addition to the model, our sights are set toward next week’s Green Gala. We’ll be amongst the teams presenting a poster, which we’re in the process of finalizing (to be shared in next week’s blog post). The Gala represents an opportunity for us to share our work with an educated audience that’s in tune with green buildings and related sustainability issues. This experience will also serve as preparation for our final presentation.