By Helen Lu

Although the quarter has just started, the members of the air quality team are already working hard to move forward on various aspects of our project. We finished collecting data during week 1, so we are going to start analyzing it in the following weeks. We met with the postdoctoral student, Eon Lee, to discuss our data. He told us our data looks great, and gave us suggestions on different ways to plot the data. Lee recommended doing a plot of the inside data divided by the outside data because this would allow us to compare the data across days. We will be splitting up the work between the members over the next few weeks.

In addition, we are working on our focus group to discuss the air quality at the John Wooden Center. We plan on flyering on Bruinwalk next week to promote it. Hopefully, we can raise awareness about the importance of air quality and educate people on it. We also want to promote air quality awareness during the Earth Day Fair by engaging people with a fun game.

Furthermore, we are brainstorming ways to expand our project, such as conducting an energy audit of the facility and lowering the air exchanges in the building when there are less people. Another possible project is investigating the cleaning supplies used at Wooden and analyzing their contribution to the indoor particulate matter.


spring quarter, springing forward