By Jen Adachi and Tiffany Wu

We’re wrapping up this winter quarter with 70 happy E. californica transplants thriving in their new home at Sage Hill! This week we surveyed our newly planted plots. We needed to water the transplants since the weather has become insanely hot and dry recently with no sign of rain. We also collected survivorship data and plant height data. Unfortunately, we lost one plant this week. It was a smaller plant and due to the dry weather, it didn’t survive. However, we plan to continue tracking the E. californica survivorship and growth throughout spring quarter to quantify the success of our transplant and restoration efforts.

This week, we also presented our project at the SAR Midterm Presentations and got to tell everyone about all the things we’ve been up to this quarter! It was also great to hear about what the other SAR groups have been up to this quarter. We’re really looking forward to spring quarter where we have several things we’d like to accomplish. We’ll be working on designing and implementing the Sage Hill sign, continue monitoring our plants, and finishing and trying out suggestions for our restoration plan.

We’re excited to see how our plants are doing and continue restoring Sage Hill!