sustainable purchasing team photo stream: spring 2018

Sustainable Purchasing Team Photo Stream: Spring 2018

By Shannon Cavanaugh, Jamie Liu, Nick Caton, Whitney LaValle, Zach Ricciardulli, and Hayley Rundle. Edited by Melissa Ikeda.

The 2018 Sustainability Action Research Sustainable Purchasing Team has been investigating how UCLA can purchase products that are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable. See what they’ve been up to during Spring Quarter 2018!

Week 1: Jumping back in!

This week the Sustainable Purchasing team reconvened after a well-deserved spring break, and got right back to work meeting with two chemical distribution companies.

One of the companies went all out with the snacks, but we were sure to remain objective in our assessment of them and their products.

Week 2: Green purchasing in action!

SPOTTED: one of Royal Corporation’s revolution can liners being replaced on campus at UCLA. Royal Corporation’s revolution can liner is the most environmentally friendly trash bag made of raw material gathered from waste in the U.S. The Green Purchasing Team has been lucky enough to sit in on many vendor meetings with Facilities Management as they move towards using greener cleaning chemicals. 

Week 3: Earth Day Fair!

This week, Sustainable Purchasing got to experience the spectrum of wholesome team bonding – with beachside camping, Earth Day Fair tabling, and even some dog cuddling.

Week 4: SAR Field Trips!

The Sustainable Purchasing team gives all SAR members a tour of facilities management, and gives updates on their project. Its great to see the SAR students looking interested in the chemical warehouse tour!

Week 5: March for Science and Camping

Throwback to the March for Science and Camping with half of the sustainable purchasing team! Vegan chili and accessible education are always better with friends.

Week 6: Front page feature! 

A few members from Sustainable Purchasing attended Coastalong, and even got featured on the front page of the Daily Bruin!


This week, we took advantage of the nice weather and had our meeting outside on the grass.

Week 7: Green Purchasing MVP

A #TBT of our honorary 7th green purchasing team member, Riley, helping out. Green purchasing could not have made it through the year without his support. 

Week 8: UCLA Custodial Staff Interviews!

On May 23rd, the Sustainable Purchasing team had the opportunity to interview UCLA custodian to get their feedback on the new, green chemicals that Facilities Management has been using. The greener, more sustainable cleaning chemicals have been working well for the custodians!

Week 9: The Final Stretch!

Members of the Sustainability Action Research team support their fellow Bruins at the UCLA vs. USC baseball game!