water management in los angeles county: a research report

Water Management in Los Angeles County: a Research Report

Water Management in Los Angeles County: a Research Report

PI: Stephanie Pincetl, Director CCSC
Co-PI Madelyn Glickfeld, Director WRG

In 2012, the Haynes Foundation awarded the California Center for Sustainable Communities (CCSC) at UCLA a multi-year grant to research the water management and supply system in Los Angeles County. This research was designed to assess the capacity of the current water system to meet the region’s 21st century needs, given climate change, drought and the state’s growing population, with a particular focus on informing water agencies, state and city lawmakers, and other stakeholders. Researchers also received concurrent grants from the National Science Foundation Grant in the Water Sustainability and Climate program and the California Resources Legacy Fund (via the California Water Foundation), which further supplemented Haynes funding. This report presents work conducted under the conjoined research grants.

The text of the report is available here.