zero waste events team photo stream: spring 2018

Zero Waste Events Team Photo Stream: Spring 2018

By Valeree Catangay, Anna Thomas, Zachary Alter, Alicia Kwan, Owen Emerson, and David Zeng. Edited by Melissa Ikeda.

The 2018 Sustainability Action Zero Waste Events Team is wasting no time analyzing how events on UCLA’s campus can be more sustainable. Check out what they’ve been up Spring Quarter 2018!

Week 1: Jumping back in!

Starting the new quarter off strong with a meeting outdoors!


We met with UCLA Catering to learn about how they implement sustainable practices within their operations! They have recently switched to compostable ware for their platters, containers, and utensils. Our team is brainstorming how we can take catering service operations a step further!

Week 2: Anderson Impact Week

We were able to attend events for Anderson’s Impact Week. This was during the opening keynote speaker where Cara from Patagonia came to speak on Patagonia’s sustainability initiatives and you can indeed have a positive social impact and still make a profit. 


We went to a few receptions to help attendees sort out their waste and observe waste habits! It was interesting to see how people interact with signage and what’s the best way to get people’s attention.

Week 3: Earth Day Fair!

Zero Waste Events team at the Earth Day Fair showing fellow bruins alternatives to commonly used daily disposable items. 


Zero Waste Events team working on our presentation and poster for Earth Day fair. We are also meeting to discuss how we will divide our tasks for the remainder of the quarter. 

Week 4: Making progress!

Zero Waste Album Cover.


Posted up at Jamba Juice making surveys.

Week 5: Science Communications

Zero Waste team bonding at our weekly class meeting where we learned about communicating science! Always a fun time with these great teammates 🙂 

Week 6: Green Events Guide and Press Release

Working on our green events guide while bonding over a zero waste lunch over some (slightly) burnt toast. 


Great team meeting over some snacks. Working on press release allowed us to reflect on all the work we’ve been able to do and discuss plans of action for the next few weeks. 

Week 7: Making progress!

The Zero Waste Events team looks awkward in pictures at times, but then again, having waste on campus is awkward as well, we’re working to fix both of those.

Week 8: Green Gala!

Hardly just lounging around.


Zero Waste reppin at Green Gala!

Week 9: The Final Stretch! 

We’re excited to be wrapping up our revamp of UCLA’s official Green Events Guide, which will include information on how to implement zero waste at events of various scales!


It was a pleasure for our team to meet one of the founders of the OG SAR Program, Edward Murphy! He’s a reminder of the longevity and impact of our work!