Allison Carruth

Associate Professor | LENS Faculty Director

Department of English, Institute for Society & Genetics, IoES

149 Humanities Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1530

Campus Mailcode: 153005

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Since 2012, Allison Carruth has been a faculty member at UCLA, where she current holds the position of Associate Professor of English and is affiliated with the Institute for Society and Genetics and Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. She also serves as director of the Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies (LENS). A co-founder of the public art project Play the LA River, she is involved in ongoing collaborations with artists, scientists and media makers.

Her research and teaching interests include American food cultures; literature and science; environmental narrative, media and art; and relationships between ecological thought and digital technology over the past half century. She also writes about avant-garde and other experimental forms of environmentalism with a focus on the U.S. The author of Global Appetites: American Power and the Literature of Food (Cambridge UP 2013) and co-author with Amy L. Tigner of Literature and Food Studies (Routledge, forthcoming 2017), she is working on a new book titled Creative Ecologies in an Age of Crisis.

Professor Carruth has published widely, including in ASAP/Journal, KCET Artbound, Modern Fiction Studies, Modernism/Modernity, Parallax, Public Culture, Public Books, PMLA and Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities and in collections such as Postcolonial Ecologies and The Routledge Companion to the Environmental Humanities.

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Ecology and the Net

“Ecology and the Net” is a digital archive project led by Allison Carruth that bridges two distinct paradigms of the Anthropocene: one focused on technological innovation and the other on environmental crisis. It connects to Professor Carruth’s book project “Digital Utopias, Network Ecologies.” The archive aims, first, to showcase diverse uses of digital media and...

Seed Networks

This ongoing project catalogues the many stories in circulation today about patented, transgenic seeds as well as the apparent alternative of open source, public seed collections. By “stories,” the project means not only novels, science writing, documentary film, and so on but also the narratives inherent in visual images, maps, models, social media feeds, and...

Still image from Holoscenes/Anthroposcene Suite 1 by Lars Jan.

Holoscenes/Anthroposcene Suite 1 by Lars Jan

Holoscenes is a multi-platform artwork colliding the human body with water. The work includes performance installation, video, photographic, and print components. The Anthropocene Suite is a quartet of projections featuring multiple performers carrying out a series of everyday behaviors while animated by several thousand gallons of water in an aquarium-like sculpture. Their behaviors are transformed...


Open Source Foodways: Agricultural Commons and Participatory Art

A. Carruth

Published Work | 2016 | ASAP Journal

A Brief History of Public Art and the L.A. River

A. Carruth

Published Work | 2014 | KCET Artbound

The Digital Cloud

A. Carruth

Published Work | Public Culture