hilary godwin

Hilary Godwin


Department of Environmental Health Sciences

UCLA Pub Hlth-Envir Hlth Sci
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Campus Mailcode: 177220

(310) 794-9112

Personal Website

Member, California NanoSystems Institute
B.S. Chemistry, University of Chicago
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Stanford University

Areas of Expertise:

Molecular toxicology of heavy metals and environmental chemistry.


Professor Godwin’s research focuses on the basic chemical and biological mechanisms by which toxic metal ions affect neurological signaling and development. Current projects include: (1) determining the effects of lead on gene expression; (2) studying the biophysical interactions between lead and target proteins; (3) studying the rates and mechanisms of metal exchange in proteins; (4) studying the distribution of toxic metals in urban and rural environments and investigating environmental sources of lead exposure; and (5) developing new methods for detection of lead on surfaces and in cells.