javier kinney

Javier Kinney

Executive Director

Yurok Tribe


Javier I. Kinney (he/him) is a Yurok Tribal citizen and serves as the Executive Director for the Yurok Tribe. Javier has extensive experience advising Tribal governments with expertise in areas of strategic actions, climate change, natural resource management, gaming, mediation, negotiations, public policy, economic development, youth empowerment, land acquisition, tribal governance, philanthropic partnerships, protection of tribal cultural resources and water, and law policy. 

Javier’s visionary work and interests provided him the opportunity to travel with indigenous delegations and other missions to Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Jamaica, Hungary, Canada, Brazil, Norway, and Germany. His commitment as a change-maker to global consciousness and visionary change motivates him to create opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with indigenous communities at the domestic and worldwide levels.