Rachel Singleton

Incorporating sustainability practices in business and corporations

Rachel Singleton is a first-year ESE student who graduated from CSU Sacramento with her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and continued on to receive a Master’s in Science with a concentration in Manufacturing and Material Science. During her time at Sacramento State, she was given the opportunity to work for both the Walt Disney Company and Lockheed Martin. While there she was given a glimpse into the limited number of sustainable practices and vast amount of plastic waste that companies like these go through each day. These events inspired her Masters thesis which covered the research of the creation of a circular economy on campus’ through the reuse of plastic water bottles to make 3D printing material.

She then began working for the Sacramento State Sustainability team where she oversaw the revamping of their current Climate Action Plan and was in charge of creating and implementing a brand new Green Office Program for the school. Through these experiences, she has gained a passion for intertwining her engineering background with policy writing on a corporate level. Now, Rachel has come back to school so she can dive even deeper into her research incorporating sustainability practices in businesses and corporations across the globe.