sean kennedy

Sean Kennedy, PhD

Post Doctoral Researcher

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA


UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, 619 Charles E. Young Drive East, LaKretz Hall – Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA

Campus Mailcode: 149606


Sean Kennedy is a post-doctoral researcher in the California Center for Sustainable Communities (CCSC) at UCLA. Sean has wide-ranging environmental policy experience across public, private and nonprofit sectors, including policy and research positions at the Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency in Canberra, Australia, and the World Agroforestry Centre in Bogor, Indonesia. Sean’s current role at the CCSC involves compiling and analyzing building greenhouse gas emissions data as part of the Los Angeles County Sustainability Plan. Sean was also awarded the Gill-Chin Lim Best Dissertation in International Planning Award by the ACSP

More broadly, Sean’s research examines the political-ecological geographies of sustainability transitions, both domestically and abroad. Drawing on qualitative fieldwork and policy analysis, Sean’s dissertation research examines the influence of finance and financial institutions over the control, ownership, and geographical organization of the solar energy industry in Indonesia and California. Sean’s future research will examine the land use and livelihoods implications of the recent expansion of utility-scale solar in former agricultural regions of northern Los Angeles County and parts of the Californian Central Valley.

Sean Kennedy – CV_

Interview with Sean Kennedy on Researching Renewable Energy in Jakarta and Los Angeles

Research Article: Indonesia’s energy transition and its contradictions: Emerging geographies of energy and finance

Presentation: “Political and Economic Drivers of Wildland-urban Interface (WUI) Development in California”, ASLA 2018