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Could the next car you buy be your last?

For better or worse, car ownership has been as American as apple pie for the past century, but that chapter may soon be coming to a close—particularly in cities—as new technology continues to transform how we get around.



Spotlight on Sustainability: Preparing Your Company for Water Resiliency

Corporate Partners Program Symposium


The Corporate Partners Program of UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability is proud to present: Spotlight on Sustainability: Preparing Your Company for Water Resiliency UCLA water experts and business leaders will come together to discuss what steps companies can take to ensure that they are prepared for our water future. Speakers will address: Cutting-edge...


Tomoko Kanda

Tomoko Kanda

Master student

Urban Planning

Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson

B.S. '19

Environmental Science & Political Science

Owen Emerson

Owen Emerson

B.A. '18

Geography & Environmental Studies

Kelsey Hartfelder

Kelsey Hartfelder

B.S. '19

Environmental Science


Evaluating Sustainable Cleaning Products Purchased by UCLA Facilities Management

The 2018 SAR Sustainable Purchasing team will evaluate new green cleaning products to replace the cleaning products currently used by UCLA Facilities Management. We will research the effectiveness and safety of these products by researching online databases and conducting our own tests. From those results, we will analyze which green products are most sustainable, safe, and cost-effective, and recommend...

Implementing Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives Within UCLA Health

UCLA Health has committed long-term to providing high-quality health care while protecting the health of the environment as well. A few of its current sustainability goals include diverting 50% of total waste by 2020, achieving a carbon-neutral system by 2025, and attaining LEED Silver certification for all new buildings. To help further UCLA Health’s sustainability...

Enhancing the feasibility of Zero Waste Practices at UCLA Recreation Events

Our project’s goal is to make Zero Waste events achievable for all sides involved in event planning. To accomplish this goal, we plan to create a Zero Waste Event guideline system that uses Green incentives, clear & precise criteria, and a centralized communication network. This guideline system would be catered toward the nature of the event. As a group,...


The effectiveness of US energy efficiency building labels

Omar Isaac Asensio, Magali A. Delmas

Published Work | 2017 | Nature Energy

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Making UCLA Events Zero Waste

Check out what the 2018 Zero Waste Events Team has been up to during the first few weeks of their project.

Student Blog


The Potential for Green Purchasing

Check out what the 2018 Sustainable Purchasing Team has been up to during the first few weeks of their project.



Dunkin’ Donuts joins eco-friendly parade, will switch to paper cups by 2020

“More and more this is the trend…It’s really not just a question of changing consumer behaviors, but there are also socially responsible investors, and I think companies are trying to be responsive to those investors.” Magali Delmas, IoES professor spoke with the Washington Post about the benefits of companies becoming eco-friendly.