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Atlas of (Remote) Islands and Sea Level Rise

A Talk with Christina Gerhardt, University of Hawai'i


In a 2016 lecture titled “Let Them Drown,” Naomi Klein called attention to the nexus of climate change, colonial racism and poverty—as Rob Nixon has done in his book Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor. But Klein shifted the spotlight of these concerns to the oft-overlooked low-lying island nations. Their current day situation is...


Muir Symposium: California and the Birth of a New Environmentalism

Creation of a New Environmentalism – Where Might We Go From Here?


Creation of a New Environmentalism in California keynote lecture by Barbara Romero Deputy Mayor for City Services Former City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works Commissioner   welcoming & closing remarks by Jon Christensen , Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA Department of History, and the UCLA Center for...


Tomás Olivier

Postdoctoral Scholar

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Holly Buck

NatureNet Postdoctoral Fellow

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Photo of Hannah Pipes

Hannah Pipes


Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Laurel Hunt

Executive Director

Los Angeles Regional Collective for Climate Action and Sustainability



Breaking In: Artists and the Changing Lineup in Surfing

Jon Christensen, KCET Artbound

Other | 2017

Wily Ecologies: Comic Futures for American Environmentalism

Allison Carruth

Published Work | 2017 | American Literary History

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Long Term Exposure to Green Spaces Affects Children’s Cognitive Development

“As we get more and more of this evidence, it’s the duty of policy makers and urban planners to start looking at nature as a very positive solution to many urban problems,” stated Michael Jerrett, co-author of the study, faculty member, and chair of Environmental Health Sciences department at the UCLA to KCET.



Green Initiatives — By Themselves — Won’t Boost Productivity

UCLA Anderson featured a study featured in Business & Society and co-authored by IoES faculty member Magali Delmas that found green practices are linked to higher productivity only if combined with other performance-enhancing practices such as training or teamwork programs.



UCLA institute partners with TV station for environmental media project

The UCLA Daily Bruin featured an article about UCLA’s Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies collaborating with television station KCET to combine humanities and science, creating online multimedia pieces that highlight environmental narratives. 


#infiniteLA: UCLA Climate Scientist Aradhna Tripati

“I try to connect the research and education that I do on the environment, climate change and earth science to social justice and to the quest to create a much more inclusive and equitable world.” IoES Faculty Member/ Center for Diverse Leadership in Science Director Aradhna Tripati, as featured in The Broad’s #InfiniteLA video series...