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Tai Michaels

UCLA high school volunteer wins state science fair

He runs cross country. He’s on the speech and debate team. He struggles with Spanish class at times. His favorite band is The Killers. He’s also doing scientific research to protect Southern California from future wildfires, working hand-in-hand with postdoctoral scholars at UCLA’s La Kretz Center for Conservation Science. After winning first place for ecology...

van jones

Inspiration on oceans and diversity at the 2018 IoES Gala

At the 2018 "SeaCO2Change" gala, Van Jones, and Keely Shaye and Pierce Brosnan issued a call to action while helping raise $1.3 million for research, education and improving diversity in the environmental field. Watch their full speeches here.

Los Angeles River downtown

L.A.’s path to independence from imported water

After a yearlong reprieve, Southern California is again under severe water scarcity conditions: Only 2 1/2 inches of rain have fallen in Los Angeles during the past 12 months. This time around, could Los Angeles shift its dependence from imported water to local water? A new report by UCLA researchers says the city could, eventually — if...


Lecture Series

Desalination: Should salt water play a role in our sustainable future?

A & Santa Monica Pier event


Sixty percent of L.A.County’s water comes from hundreds of miles away. Obtaining and transporting trillions of gallons each year requires a lot of energy and puts enormous strain on ecosystems and human communities upstream. Meanwhile, climate change is about to up the ante. Almost two-thirds of the California’s fresh water comes from the Sierra Nevada,...

Special Event

99% Preservation and 1% Densification

A Case for Urban Density along the Wilshire Corridor


The plan accommodates the city’s anticipated population increase—1.5 million people by 2050—by densifying less than one percent of its land. Comparing Wilshire Boulevard to major streets in other global metropolises, including Barcelona’s Avenida Diagonal and New York’s Broadway, they model real-world responses to growth and transformation that offer more sustainable strategies for Los Angeles. Moderated...

Special Event

Parrots of Pasadena

Walk, Talk and Cocktail Reception


Parrots of Pasadena walk, talk & cocktail reception with Professor Ursula K. Heise. A Bird LA Day event sponsored by UCLA’s Lab for Environmental Narrative Strategies (LENS) of the Institute of the Environment & Sustainability.  Meet at the corner of Fair Oaks and Washington Blvds.  


Sean Kennedy

Post Doctoral Researcher

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA

Robert Cudd, MPP

Research Analyst

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA

Asma Mahdi

Guest writer & communications manager for Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge

Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge

Neil Berg

Associate Director, Science

Center for Climate Science


Nimble Foods for Climate Chaos

“Nimble Foods for Climate Chaos” is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between environmental artist and NYU faculty member Marina Zurkow, Los Angeles chef duo Hank and Bean, and LENS faculty director Allison Carruth to explore the cultural and environmental conditions that would support sustainable food systems. The project brings immersive / public art and storytelling together with...

Taking on health equity in Inglewood

Team: Kayla Asemanfar, Carlos Enriquez, Susannah Kiteck, Laura Martinez Villatoro, Brenda Sanchez Morra, Bryant Villegas Advisor: Moana McClellan Client: Social Justice Learning Institute


The economic value of local water supplies in Los Angeles

E. Porse, K. Mika, E. Litvak, K. Manago, T. Hogue, M. Gold, D. Pataki, S. Pincetl

Published Work | 2018 | Nature Sustainability

Open data and Stormwater Systems in Los Angeles: Applications for Equitable Green Infrastructure

E. Porse

Published Work | 2018 | The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability

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The future of our electric grid, the journey from Guadalajara, the wild parrots of Pasadena

UCLA's Ursula Heise joined A Martinez on KPCC’s Take Two to talk about the thriving population of abut 3,000 Red-Crown parrots in Pasadena, a species that is endangered in Mexico. She explores the possibility of cities as an artificial ecosystem — and how they can be made more hospitable for people and wildlife.



Record Heat in Southern California, and an Ominous Start to Wildfire Season

"Heat waves in recent years have become more intense, a consequence of global warming", Daniel Swain, UCLA climate scientist said in the New York Times, "raising the possibility of ever-deadlier fire seasons."



Executive Summary for July 6th: Wildfires Plague the West

“The extreme heat and localized strong offshore winds along the SoCal coastal plain will clearly lead to major fire weather concerns Friday-Saturday [7/6/18-7/7/18],” UCLA climate scientist, Daniel Swain said. “This will be of particular concern given the high degree of ongoing large fire activity in NorCal and subsequent drawdown of firefighting resources, likely fueled in part by our dry winter and the legacy of long-term drought.”


SoCal Traffic Toll… & Wildfires and Climate Change

Fire. It’s a powerful — but natural — part of nature in California and the western United States. UCLA prof Alex Hall (seen here biking by Royce Hall) joined PBS SoCal’s David Nazar to talk about how climate change is affecting wildfire… creating a new reality we must adapt to. Hall’s segment starts at 14:30.  Sustaining...