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Atlas of (Remote) Islands and Sea Level Rise

A Talk with Christina Gerhardt, University of Hawai'i


In a 2016 lecture titled “Let Them Drown,” Naomi Klein called attention to the nexus of climate change, colonial racism and poverty—as Rob Nixon has done in his book Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor. But Klein shifted the spotlight of these concerns to the oft-overlooked low-lying island nations. Their current day situation is...

Lecture Series

Panel Discussion: Biodiversity in the Anthropocene

Join the UCLA Botanical Garden for an expert discussion about species that are flourishing in a rapidly changing world


Biodiversity is undergoing tremendous change at the hands of humanity. As some habitats disappear and many wild organisms face extinction, other species flourish in novel ecosystems. Join us for an expert panel discussion which will examine the current state of biodiversity and the narratives which shape related public opinion and policy as we ask the question: how can we successfully coexist with nature on an increasingly technological planet?


Elaine Gan

Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher


Bryce Mitsunaga

Graduate student

M. Sanjayan

M. Sanjayan

Visiting Researcher

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Jenny Aleman Zometa

Jenny Aleman-Zometa

Second Year D.Env. Student

Environmental Science and Engineering


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UCLA institute partners with TV station for environmental media project

The UCLA Daily Bruin featured an article about UCLA’s Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies collaborating with television station KCET to combine humanities and science, creating online multimedia pieces that highlight environmental narratives. 



People of the Condor and Eagle

by Danfung Dennis, 2017 Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award finalist   In the Amazon rainforest an ancient Indian prophecy warns of humankind splitting into two people. The people of the Condor would live in harmony with the earth. Their path would be guided by feeling and intuition. When the earth felt pain, they would feel...



Satellite images for vivid environmental stories

by Dan Hammer, 2017 Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award finalist   I don’t know what to trust in the news anymore. I have taken to reading The Onion for hard-hitting investigative journalism. This is an especially troubling proposition for environmentalism. Any efficient or equitable allocation of natural resources depends crucially on open and trustworthy information...