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cuyahoga on fire

A burning reminder of what happens if we roll back the Clean Water Act

It wasn’t first time. The Cuyahoga burned 13 times in the previous 100 years, thanks mostly to rapid industrialization and lack of sewage treatment. This year, Cleveland hosted annual River Rally conference to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the 1969 fire. Along with high-profile oil spills and the popularity of Rachel Carson’s best-selling Silent...

california state and county officials falling short in evaluating use of agricultural pesticides

California state and county officials falling short in evaluating use of agricultural pesticides

The state’s Department of Pesticide Regulation registers pesticide products; county-level agricultural commissioners issue permits for the use of “restricted” pesticides — those that present significant human health or environmental concerns. State law requires that when farmers apply for pesticide use permits, county agricultural commissioners must deny the use of a restricted pesticide when feasible safer...


Special Event

Charting California’s Course on the Environment from Brown to Newsom and Beyond

Sponsored by the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA School of Law


Over the period spanning Governor Brown’s four terms in office, California cemented its identity as a pioneer of forward-thinking environmental law. California’s stance on climate and energy policy has marked the state as a national, and even global, force. At home, however, California continues to face entrenched environmental issues: the use and movement of water,...


Special Event

LA’s New Abnormal: Mega-Wildfires

Reception and Discussion


  The Nature Conservancy and UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) invite you to LA’s New Abnormal: Mega-Wildfires Reception and Discussion   Seemingly every year, California breaks some record for devastation with a new wildfire. The Woolsey fire was the worst the Malibu area has ever seen, and it has been 100 years since...


daniel melling

Daniel Melling

Communications and Events Manager

UCLA Law Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

ari simon

Ari Simon

Strategy and Engagement Services

Los Angeles Regional Collective for Climate Action and Sustainability

william boyd

William Boyd

Professor of Law

sean kennedy

Sean Kennedy

Post Doctoral Researcher

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA


western pond turtle at-risk species assessment

Western Pond Turtle at-risk species assessment

The western pond turtle is California’s only native freshwater turtle. The turtle’s numbers have been declining due to urbanization, limited water availability, and competition or predation from invasive species — making it a candidate for listing under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) of 1973. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is performing a pre-listing...

taking on health equity in inglewood

Taking on health equity in Inglewood

Team: Kayla Asemanfar, Carlos Enriquez, Susannah Kiteck, Laura Martinez Villatoro, Brenda Sanchez Morra, Bryant Villegas Advisor: Moana McClellan Client: Social Justice Learning Institute

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Timothy Malloy in California Health Report: Counties Fail to Fully Protect People From Pesticide Exposure, Report Finds

California’s county agricultural commissioners are failing to implement state laws designed to protect farmworkers and people living and working near agricultural areas from exposure to toxic pesticides, a new report by UCLA concludes. “These requirements serve really important public health and environmental concerns,” said Timothy Malloy, a UCLA law and environmental health professor, who led the...



Ann Carlson in Vogue: Do Americans Have a Constitutional Right to a Livable Planet? Meet the 21 Young People Who Say They Do

21 young plaintiffs—ranging from eleven to 23 years old—are suing the Trump administration for contributing to climate change. (The case, officially Juliana v. United States, goes by the nickname Youth v. Gov.) Their argument is rooted in the constitution: It’s tough to enjoy life, liberty, and property on an increasingly inhospitable planet, and their generation...



Dennis Lettenmaier in US News and World Report: EPA Head Says Drinking Water a Larger Threat Than Climate Change

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said that drinking water, not climate change, is the largest global threat. Some experts disagree. Dennis Lettenmaier, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles Geography Department, said he partially agrees with Wheeler’s statements on drinking water. Despite agreeing that contaminated drinking water is a “now” problem, Lettenmaier said it...