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Ted Parson: It’s time to take climate engineering seriously

According to UCLA Law School’s Ted Parson, those measures probably need to include climate engineering—large-scale manipulations of environmental processes to counteract global warming. That’s what he argued in an article titled “Climate policymakers and assessments must get serious about climate engineering,” published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Parson, co-director...


Tomás Olivier

Postdoctoral Scholar

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Greg Jesmok

Undergraduate student

Aradhna Tripati

Associate Professor, Center for Diverse Leadership in Science Director & P.I.

IoES, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences


Environmental Storytelling Collaboration with KCET

LENS is collaborating with KCET, Southern California’s independent public TV and digital media company, to produce immersive stories that bring new voices and new ideas into environmental reporting and that bring our faculty and student research into conversation with diverse public audiences. In our pilot year (2017-2018), the project will focus on California as a...

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Global Climate Meeting Will Forge Ahead, Despite Trump’s Contempt

“The COP president typically has a fair amount of power to set the tone for negotiations,” Horowitz explains. “I expect we’ll see a lot at this COP that relates to the priorities of small island nations.” These nations are extremely vulnerable to rising oceans—their fate is tied to the success of the Paris accord. “They could be among the first to lose significant sovereign territory,” Horowitz says. They will likely push for greater greenhouse gas reductions as well as emphasize adaptation to climate change and paying for losses and damages.



Could San Francisco Get the Oil Industry to Pay for Climate Change?

“There’s certainly a sense that climate change is broader in scope than what nuisance law has ever addressed before,” says Sean Hecht, co-executive director of the UCLA law school’s Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. “But it couldn’t be that if the nuisance gets bigger and bigger that courts are less and less likely to impose a remedy. That flies in the face of reason.”



Congressional attack on national monuments ignores America’s conservation history

The misleadingly named “National Monument Creation and Protection Act,” which narrowly passed the House Natural Resources Committee last week, is an assault on our public land heritage. H.R. 3990 would make it harder to create new national monuments and would authorize presidents to reduce the size of all existing monuments, from the Canyons of the...