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Los Angeles River downtown

L.A.’s path to independence from imported water

After a yearlong reprieve, Southern California is again under severe water scarcity conditions: Only 2 1/2 inches of rain have fallen in Los Angeles during the past 12 months. This time around, could Los Angeles shift its dependence from imported water to local water? A new report by UCLA researchers says the city could, eventually — if...


Lecture Series

Holding Fossil Fuel Companies Liable for Climate Change Harms in California

Law, Science, and Justice - Keynote Remarks by Bill McKibben


Union of Concerned Scientists and the UCLA School of Law Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment invite you to a stimulating conversation exploring whether and how the fossil fuel industry can be held liable for the harms climate change is inflicting on communities. Opening Reception with Refreshments at 5:15 p.m. PST. Panel Begins at 6:00 p.m....


Asma Mahdi

Guest writer & communications manager for Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge

Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge

Tomás Olivier

Postdoctoral Scholar

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Greg Jesmok

Undergraduate student

Aradhna Tripati

Associate Professor, Center for Diverse Leadership in Science Director & P.I.

IoES, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences


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Pruitt Signals Fight with CA Over Emissions Rules

Ann Carlson, UCLA Law professor and IoES faculty, discussed comments made by Scott Pruitt signalling an upcoming fight between the federal government and California in automotive emissions regulation. 



California Utilities, Climate Change and Wildfires: A Liability Quagmire

Sean Hecht, UCLA environmental law professor and IoES faculty member spoke with Climate Liability News. “Utilities use gas for power plants, and that doesn’t make them the most sympathetic plaintiffs.”



La nueva vida del río de Los Ángeles y los miedos al desplazamiento de sus vecinos

“Hay planes para revitalizarlo y reanimar su relación con las comunidades circundantes en las 51 millas que recorre al pasar por la ciudad. Y con esos planes llegan los temores a la gentrificación verde…” – Jon Christensen, Environmental writer & faculty member to CityLab Latino