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Understanding cities as more than just things

With human impacts thus concentrated, you might expect urban areas to be a focal point of environmental research. That hasn’t always been the case, said Stephanie Pincetl, director of the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA. In her recent paper titled “Cities in the Age of the Anthropocene: Climate change agents and the potential...



Neil Berg

Associate Director, Science

Center for Climate Science

Greg Jesmok

Undergraduate student

Nathan Davila

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Assessment and Revitalization of the Boneyard at Sage Hill for Mixed Use Purposes

The Boneyard at Sagehill The Urban Nature Laboratory team will be focusing on three main objectives this year. Firstly, we will be conducting research and reaching out to other institutions and facilities to develop improvement and management strategies for the Sagehill/Boneyard site. Secondly, we will conduct surveys and interviews of targeted faculty members, staff, and students to gauge how...


Evaluating the Effects of Turf-Replacement Programs in Los Angeles County

Stephanie Pincetl, Thomas W. Gillespie, Diane Pataki, Erik Porse, Shenyue Jia, Erika Kidera, Nick Nobles, Janet Rodriguez, Dong-ha Choi

Progress Report | 2017

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California’s coastal marshes could be washed out to sea by 2110

89.3 KPCC spoke with faculty member Glen MacDonald about a research he co-authored that indicated marshes along the California Coast may disappear if we continue emitting greenhouse gases at our current level. 



California officials say housing next to freeways is a health risk — but they fund it anyway

“I see the economic incentives for doing this… But it’s kind of stupid, because we all know we will pay for it with long-term health effects,” Beate Ritz, UCLA environmental epidemiologist, as featured in the LA Times.



VOX Photos: Southern California is burning

“‘The sky is orange, you can smell the smoke, and you know people are losing their homes,’ said University of California Los Angeles environmental scientist Glen MacDonald. ‘It really shows you our relative power to nature. We sometimes overestimate how much we can handle.” 


From Farms to Cities: Percolating New Ideas for Water Security

Sustainable Conservation a non-profit and IoES practicum client partner produced this video from an event held Sept 6, 2017 Following winter rains that pummeled the state, it’s easy for California’s five-year drought to recede in our memories. Resisting that amnesia is essential to our Golden State’s water future. We will explore how farms and cities...