Robert Dellinger

Robert Dellinger

Graduate Student

California State University, Northridge

Pronouns: He/him

Robert Dellinger Website

Robert is interested in studying the synergistic, additive, and antagonistic interactions of multiple stressors on marine ecosystems, particularly focusing on anthropogenic change. Assessing the mechanisms under which confounding stressors interact may yield further insights regarding ecological surprises (sensu Paine et al. 1998) and help inform conservation and remediation strategies. Further, he is interested in building a more nuanced understanding of how multiple stressors of environmental change may lead to uncertainty amongst stakeholders and communities. Robert attended the University of California, Davis, where he completed a B.S. in marine and coastal science and a B.A. in international relations. His undergraduate career has afforded him the ability to spend time as a marine scientist, researcher, campus ambassador, and community organizer. His passion for marine biology is the result of witnessing the creeping normalcy of ecosystem degradation in his hometown at the Jersey Shore. He solidified his love for ecological research when he studied wetland ecology abroad in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and realized the inextricable link between ecology and human society. As an LGTBTQIA+ and Latinx identifying student, he is focused on altering academia’s settings for future students from marginalized backgrounds.