LA Weekly: “Atmospheric River” of rain heads for California

The front “will take the form a moisture-laden and slow-moving atmospheric river,” according to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain’s California Weather Blog. There could be as many as two feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains.



Wired: California’s huge storm could cause disastrous melting in the mountains

Flooding and snowmelt are more likely when intense weather systems come in quick succession. “It is clear we will have both of these issues this weekend, with a very warm atmospheric river following on the heels of a very cold atmospheric river,” says Daniel Swain, a fellow at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability....



National Geographic: A toilet snake makes international news

Brad Shaffer, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California, Los Angeles, wrote in an email that he’s “pretty sure it is an oriental rat snake,” which is “a large, common, completely harmless snake that is wide-ranging across a lot of southern Asia.”



UCLA and other higher education leaders pen open letter on climate action to incoming Administration and Congress

UCLA, along with presidents and chancellors from other colleges and universities, including 35 states in the U.S., have joined together to urge president-elect Trump and the incoming congressional representatives to accelerate progress towards a clean energy future. Through their open letter, organized by a diverse group of higher education institutions and the Boston-based nonprofit Second Nature,...



California’s past and future coastal habitat

As conservationists brace for changes in habitat from a rise in sea level, it bears taking into account lessons from the past. When it comes to California, topography played a major role in coastal life during the last ice age, when sea levels were about 400 feet lower because water was trapped in glacial ice sheets. New...