ph.d. in environment and sustainability


Our Environment and Sustainability Ph.D. equips students with diverse perspectives to develop profound new ideas, knowledge and approaches to the most important concerns facing people and the planet. The program provides training to develop deep understandings of the structures of current environment and sustainability issues today and to develop analytical research to address them. This requires learning in multiple disciplines and how they, together, can better provide greater knowledge to bear to the social, environmental, political, scientific and economic factors creating the situation we face today. Our goal is to prepare students for a range of careers in academia, as well as public and private sectors.

Climate Strategies

Talking solutions with Marilyn Raphael, director of UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

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“As a passionate environmentalist and social justice organizer, students with diverse views helped me value mainstream and economically-framed solutions”

​​Cassie Gardener-Manjikian

​LiS, 2012

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