Q&A with Miranda Wang, 2018 Pritzker Genius Award winner

David Colgan

Since winning the 2018 Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award last November, the 25-year-old chemist and the company she co-founded, BioCellection, have been refining a new system that breaks down previously unrecyclable plastic and turns it into useful materials. Their effort coincides with an escalating plastic waste crisis that has governments, nonprofits and businesses scrambling for…



Florida mangroves reveal complex relationship between climate and natural systems

David Colgan

Mangroves are tropical, salt-tolerant trees that grow in the intertidal zone of coastal waters. They don’t tolerate cold weather, particularly extreme freezes, during which they die and get replaced by coastal salt marshes. In the 1980s, a series of freezes caused the most recent major die-off of Floridian mangroves (and citrus crops, which also fare…



Prioritizing equity helps ensure poor communities receive benefits of bond measures

Nicki Aviel

In a new paper, UCLA researcher Jon Christensen investigated how it prioritized investments in disadvantaged communities. Christensen wanted to know if Prop. 1 was living up to its goals. We spoke with him about the study and how its findings can inform future environmental funding. What was the motivation to study Prop. 1 spending half…