Special Event

Drilling the City

Join STAND - L.A. and UCLA IoES as we confront the issue of urban oil drilling in Los Angeles.


  More than 580,000 people live within a quarter mile of these sites, which bring toxic chemicals and air pollution—posing serious health threats to families, schools and communities. Please join UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and STAND – L.A. for a day of science, empowerment and environmental justice. We’ll explore urban drilling, its...



UCLA College Luskin Endowment Inaugural Symposium


From public policy to installation art, EARTH NOW: EARTH 2050 explores all facets of modern environmental challenges and highlights efforts to make lives and businesses more sustainable. The program includes talks from top experts, workshops, local and national nonprofit organizations, art, a student film contest—and much more. We will highlight UCLA campus-wide sustainability while showcasing the new Luskin Conference Center and honoring the generosity of Meyer and Renee Luskin.

Special Event


An environmental film contest for L.A. Students


This environmental short film contest is a platform to showcase your ideas, commentary and vision for our city and the world. You may submit one short film for each category and films must feature the Los Angeles Area—creative liberty is encouraged. Post your film at Awards & Prizes The best film in each category will receive...



LA’s Water Resource Future Workshop Series, Part 2

The second workshop in the LA's Water Resource Future Series was held on June 15, 2016, and focused on current and future groundwater basin conditions, management, and rights in the groundwater basins serving Los Angeles County. The event engaged stakeholders and the research community in order to inform both the scientific research and policy analysis and recommendations that UCLA intends to undertake as part of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge.


Drowning World

Award-winning photojournalist Gideon Mendel visited UCLA to present his “Drowning World” series, which documents the impact of flooding events on people across the globe. Following the presentation, scholars and practitioners in climate change education and communication held a roundtable discussion on “The Art of Teaching Climate Change.” The Center for Climate Science co-sponsored the event, and Associate Director Katharine Reich participated in the roundtable.


LA’s Water Resource Future Workshop Series, Part 1

The first workshop in the LA's Water Resource Future Series was held on February 19, 2016. UCLA faculty and Los Angeles region region water managers, planners, and scientists explored the state of stormwater management and planning, the potential to connect surface hydrology and groundwater modeling tools to quantify infiltration, potential ecosystem benefits of stormwater capture, and strategies to incentivize increased capture and infiltration of stormwater. The program consisted of talks and panel sessions by invited speakers, each followed by Q&A periods and discussion by all attendees.


UCLA Green Building Symposium – Resiliency: Managing Energy, Water, and Seismic Risk and Implications for Property Owners

On March 11, 2015 the Corporate Partners Program along with the Ziman Center for Real Estate and the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge hosted the annual Green Building Symposium* centered around the nexus of disaster response, sustainability, and resiliency. With scientists virtually certain that California will be rocked by a strong earthquake in the next 30...


Doing Well By Doing Good: What Can Business Learn From Social Entrepreneurship

On May 14, 2014 a Corporate Partners Program workshop explored the notion of putting social good alongside profit. Invited experts in the field of social entrepreneurship shared their knowledge and experience with UCLA faculty, researchers, and students. Social entrepreneurship exists at the crossroads between profit-based growth and not-for-profit ideals of changing the world for the...


The Future of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

On November 15 2013, a panel of experts examined existing and emerging standards of responsible reporting. The panelists explored how sustainability reporting is becoming more widespread across a variety of industries, however it has yet to achieve standardization. Current trends in reporting were outlined as well as case studies of how certain companies are approaching...