Habitat Restoration

UCLA IoES GreenSparks education video

Carne Limpia

video educativo UCLA IoES GreenSparks

Aceleración climática

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Clean Meat

UCLA IoES GreenSparks education video

Water Usage: Conservation, Agriculture, and Consumption

UCLA IoES GreenSparks education video

Climate Acceleration

UCLA IoES GreenSparks education video

UCLA La Kretz 2021 Annual Lecture

This event celebrates ten years of conservation research, featuring 3 minute lightening talks by each of our 13 past, current, and future La Kretz postdoctoral fellows. The presentations are followed…

Feed the Soil

by Desly Cervantes, Valerie Contreras and Steven Lucio of LAUSD/USC Media Arts and Engineering Magnet 2nd place: 2018 GreenShorts Climate Heroes Category

Challenges to Conserving the Congo Basin Rainforest

 The future of our planet is Africa — in terms of people, biodiversity, habitats that are crucial for genetic diversity in the face of climate change, and some of…

Inconvenient Environmentalist: Peter Kareiva Uncensored

Environmental scientist Peter Kareiva of UCLA has angered fellow environmentalists when talking about the environment. His unique take on things and tell it like it is style allows him to…

Consumer Confusion: Organics and Wine

Eco-friendly wines taste better, but they don’t command higher prices in the marketplace. Learn why from UCLA professor Magali Delmas and Bonterra Organic Vineyards.

UCLA Climate Scientist Aradhna Tripati: #infiniteLA

“I try to connect the research and education that I do on the environment, climate change and earth science to social justice and to the quest to create a much…

White Mountain Research Center – Elevating the Sciences

At over 14,000 feet high, the White Mountains form a natural barrier between eastern California and Nevada. Less than 20 miles to the west, across the Owens Valley, loom the…

How Climate Change Will Impact California, Interview with Dr. Alan Barreca

Interview on The Young Turks ScIQ with UCLA environmental economist Alan Barreca by Jayde Lovell about climate change effects on public health, vulnerable communities, and the state of California. They also…