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Launching global environmental solutions from urban Los Angeles


Labor for the Hive cover. Illustrated by Stefan Grosse Halbuer.

To Labor for the Hive

A beekeeper finds a new sense of purpose and community after helping to develop a warning system for floods.

At an imposing 14,200 feet, White Mountain is the third highest peak in the state of California. | Glen MacDonald

The Lab at 10,000 Feet

It’s 6 a.m. — first light at the White Mountain Research Center, UCLA’s high-altitude research laboratories some 300 miles north of Los Angeles.  The skies are brutally scarlet, the views…


A Diverse, Practice-Based Education

This innovative, dual-component program offers both breadth and depth through a solid foundation in natural science and a focus on understanding environmental issues across earth, atmospheric, life, and social sciences.


Generating Knowledge & Providing Solutions

We leverage connections and partnerships throughout the UCLA network to focus teams of diverse talents on today’s most urgent problems.


Sustainable tourism in Colombia: Biocultural values

“No Music Without Trees or Birds: A Spatial Analysis of Cultural Reliance and Relationships to Endemic Flora and Fauna Species in Colombia” Pritzker Award Affiliate: Alejandra Echeverri, Conservation Scientist, Stanford…


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State funding cannot cover everything we want to accomplish – we rely on endowments, grants and philanthropic gifts to make up the difference. These additional funds go to the programs, projects and outreach that would otherwise languish. We are immensely grateful for this support.