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Our environmental future under the Trump administration

These pleas for support stress the urgency of donating now—immediately—before the great ship of Mother Earth sinks. The money they request, of course, is intended to build a war chest to battle what many believe will be President-elect Donald Trump’s assault on the environment. The requests inevitably make full use of the scariest possible quotes...


A Diverse, Practice-Based Education

This innovative, dual-component program offers both breadth and depth through a solid foundation in natural science and a focus on understanding environmental issues across earth, atmospheric, life, and social sciences.


Generating Knowledge & Providing Solutions

We leverage connections and partnerships throughout the UCLA network to focus teams of diverse talents on today’s most urgent problems.

Bird Genoscape Project

Bird Genoscape Project

The Center for Tropical Research recently launched the Bird Genoscape Project, an effort to map the population-specific migratory routes of 100 species of migratory songbirds by harnessing the power of genomics.