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air conditioning: environmental loss, human win

Air conditioning: Environmental loss, human win

With a warming climate, a key win-lose solution is air conditioning. In hotter conditions, workplace productivity suffers, students learn less, and mortality rates are higher. Fortunately, we have a way to avoid the worst of these effects: AC prevents around 3,000 premature deaths a year in the US. Win. But energy-intensive American AC usage also...

2020 environmental science students persevere through pandemic to graduate

2020 environmental science students persevere through pandemic to graduate

The next day, classes and trips started getting cancelled. Within a week, UCLA was preparing to close to all but essential workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The chancellor was quarantined. Transition to remote teaching had already begun. “Everything was normal and then suddenly it wasn’t,” Schaner said. “That was the last in-person class...


A Diverse, Practice-Based Education

This innovative, dual-component program offers both breadth and depth through a solid foundation in natural science and a focus on understanding environmental issues across earth, atmospheric, life, and social sciences.


Generating Knowledge & Providing Solutions

We leverage connections and partnerships throughout the UCLA network to focus teams of diverse talents on today’s most urgent problems.

the future of california drought, fire, and forest dieback

California Ecosystem Futures: The Future of California Drought, Fire, and Forest Dieback

In this project, we at the Center for Climate Science are using climate, vegetation, and fire observations and models to answer critical questions for California's future: Under climate change, what will happen to forests? How will fire risk change? How will climate, forest, and fire changes interact with and exacerbate one another — and what can we do to prepare?

bird genoscape project

Bird Genoscape Project

The Center for Tropical Research recently launched the Bird Genoscape Project, an effort to map the population-specific migratory routes of 100 species of migratory songbirds by harnessing the power of genomics.

pangolin trafficking project

Pangolin Trafficking Project

This project aims to answer key questions about the natural history and conservation requirements of giant pangolins, one of the world’s most trafficked animals.


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