Implications of the timing of residential natural gas use for appliance electrification efforts

Eric Daniel Fournier, Robert Cudd, Felicia Federico and Stephanie Pincetl

Published Work | 2020 | Environmental Research Letters

Increased flood exposure due to climate change and population growth in the United States

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Published Work | 2020 | Earth's Future

Engaging stakeholders across a socio-environmentally diverse network of water research sites in North and South America

L. Smyth Robyn, Uroosa Fatima, Monique Segarra, Lisa Borre, Mariana I. Zilio, Brian Reid, Stephanie Pincetl, et al

Published Work | 2020 | Environmental Development

Guidance on the usability-privacy tradeoff for utility customer data aggregation

Benjamin L. Ruddell, Dan Cheng, Eric Daniel Fournier, Stephanie Pincetl, Caryn Potter, Richard Rushforth

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Inter-model agreement on projected shifts in California hydroclimate characteristics critical to water management

G.G. Persad, D.L. Swain, C. Kouba, and J.P.O. Partida

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Developing a common approach for classifying building stock energy models

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Conceptualizing social-ecological drivers of change in urban forest patches

Lea R. Johnson....Stephanie Pincetl, et al

Published Work | 2020 | Urban Ecosystems

Population exposure to pre-emptive de-energization aimed at averting wildfires in Northern California

J.T. Abatzoglou, C.M. Smith, D.L. Swain, T. Ptak, and C.A. Kolden

Published Work | 2020 | Environmental Research Letters

Attributing Extreme Events to Climate Change: A New Frontier in a Warming World

D.L. Swain, D. Singh, D. Touma, N.S. Diffenbaugh

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Spatial Dependence of Floods Shaped by Spatiotemporal Variations in Meteorological and Land‐Surface Processes

M.I. Brunner, E. Gilleland, A. Wood, D.L. Swain, and M. Clark

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Historical museum collections and contemporary population studies implicate roads and introduced predatory bullfrogs in the decline of western pond turtles

Nicholson EG, Manzo S, Devereux Z, Morgan TP, Fisher RN, Brown C, Dagit R, Scott PA, Shaffer HB

Published Work | 2020 | PeerJ 8:e9248

On energy sufficiency and the need for new policies to combat growing inequities in the residential energy sector

Eric Daniel Fournier, Robert Cudd, Felicia Federico and Stephanie Pincetl

Published Work | 2020 | Elementa: Science of the Anthroprocene

Climate change is increasing the risk of extreme autumn wildfire conditions across California

M. Goss, D.L. Swain, J.T. Abatzoglou, A. Sarhadi, C. Kolden, A.P. Williams, and N.S. Diffenbaugh

Published Work | 2020 | Environmental Research Letters

Net solar generation potential from urban rooftops in Los Angeles

Erik Porse, Eric Fournier, Dan Cheng, Claire Hirashiki, Hannah Gustafson, Felicia Federico, Stephanie Pincetl

Published Work | 2020 | Energy Policy

Ridging associated with drought in western and southwestern United States: characteristics, trends and predictability

Gibson, P.B., Waliser, D.E., Guan, B., DeFlorio, M.J., and D.L. Swain

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Amphibian responses in the aftermath of extreme climate events

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Cities treated as things: imagining post-fossil cities

Stephanie Pincetl

Published Work | 2020 | Territory, Politics, Governance

Simulating and Evaluating Atmospheric River-Induced Precipitation Extremes along the U.S. Pacific Coast: Case Studies from 1980-2017

X. Huang, D.L. Swain, D.B. Walton, S. Stephenson, A. Hall

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Energy use for urban water management by utilities and households in Los Angeles

Erik Porse, Kathryn B Mika, Alvar Escriva-Bou, Eric D Fournier, Kelly T Sanders, Edward Spang, Jennifer Stokes-Draut, Felicia Federico, Mark Gold and Stephanie Pincetl

Published Work | 2020 | Environmental Energy Communications

Adaptational lag to temperature in valley oak (Quercus lobata) can be mitigated by genome-informed assisted gene flow

Luke Browne, Jessica W. Wright, Sorel Fitz-Gibbon,Paul F. Gugger, and Victoria L. Sork

Published Work | 2019 | PNAS December 10, 2019 116 (50) 25179-25185

The impact of high ambient temperatures on delivery timing and gestational lengths

A. Barreca, J. Schaller

Published Work | 2019 | Nature Climate Change