Alternative Energy and Biodiversity

A U.S. Department of Energy Funded Project to Understand the Demographic Impacts of Solar Energy Sites on Migratory Bird Populations Increased solar energy production is a critical element of efforts to limit anthropogenic climate change, however those same solar facilities may pose a risk to individual birds that migrate past them. While there are known...

assessment of remote airborne monitoring to control sulfur emissions from ocean-going vessels

Assessment of remote airborne monitoring to control sulfur emissions from ocean-going vessels

The  transportation industry depends heavily on petroleum fuels. While stringent legislation and alternative energy sources are slowly driving a departure from oil usage on land, ocean-going vessels (OGVs), or ships, remain heavily dependent on petroleum derived products. Unfortunately, the continued reliance on fossil fuels has human health consequences. Exposure to sulfur-rich emissions from oil combustion...

carbon sequestration through compost

Carbon sequestration through compost

California is an agricultural powerhouse, producing nearly half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables. However, this high level of production is not without its trade-offs. Rigorous cultivation has led to overworked and degraded soils, unhealthy air quality, excessive water usage, and, despite California’s role as an innovator in progressive climate policy, massive carbon emissions from...

conversational science: communicating environmental issues with the public

Conversational science: Communicating environmental issues with the public

This practice-based class, developed in 2020, gives graduate students skills to communicate publicly and effectively about environmental issues. Environmental problems affect everyone in the world. Inspiring meaningful action requires informing vast and diverse constituencies, from rural communities to business and policy elites, about often-complicated topics. To do so, science leaders must create and deliver clear...

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