Minor in Environmental Systems and Society


Overview of Environmental Systems and Society Minor

Environmental and sustainability concerns are increasingly part of numerous professions outside of environmental science. Businesses go green, governments integrate sustainability in their operations, and individual people are looking to eco-friendly technology like electric cars, renewable energy and organic food.

The Environmental Systems and Society minor gives students in any major a leg up on these realities. It augments their study with courses that address the relationships between environmental sciences and social and political issues. The minor gives students a deeper understanding of environmental systems related to air, land, water and biological resources—providing them with a foundation for sound decision-making as a professional and a citizen.

To complete the minor, students choose seven out of more than 40 available classes, with topics such as:

  • Major events in the history of life
  • Air pollution
  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • Environmental politics
  • Water management
  • Business and the natural environment
  • Environmental justice
  • Good food for everyone