Sami Tellatin

Sami Tellatin


FarmRaise, Inc.


Nominated by Tina May

Sami Tellatin will find almost any opportunity to put her hands in the soil. An entrepreneur, environmental engineer and educator, Sami finds inspiration and fulfillment in increasing the human connection to the environment.

Today, Sami is the co-founder of FarmRaise, an enterprise that unlocks funding for farmers and ranchers seeking to invest in their profitability and sustainability. After speaking with hundreds of farmers across the U.S., Sami and her co-founder were determined to eliminate the financial barrier farmers face in adopting soil health practices. Today, FarmRaise allows farmers to learn which public and private funding opportunities they’re eligible for and streamlines the application process, moving the industry toward one common application that unlocks funding to drive conservation practice adoption.

Sami started FarmRaise while earning an MBA and MS (Land Use and Agriculture) at Stanford University. She previously conducted research and education efforts at the USDA-Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program and University of Missouri Extension, focusing on the economic and environmental impacts of cover crops in Midwestern farming communities. She has worked on farms in Missouri and Costa Rica and holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering from the University of Missouri.