Feasibility of reverse osmosis desalination of brackish agricultural drainage water in the San Joaquin Valley

Brain C. McCool, Anditya Rahardianto, Jose Faria, Kurt Kovac, David Lara, Yoram Cohen

Published Work | Desalination

A new high-pressure optical membrane module for direct observation of seawater RO membrane fouling and cleaning

Xiaofei Huang, Gregory Guillen, Eric M.V. Hoek

Published Work | Journal of Membrane Science

A Hybrid Dynamical-Statistical Downscaling Technique, Part I: Development and Validation of the Technique.

D.B. Walton, F. Sun, A. Hall, and S.C. Capps

Published Work | Journal of Climate

Ecologically Engineering Cities through Integrated Sustainable Systems Planning

I. Brown, S. Kellenberg

Published Work | Journal of Green Building

Climate Design

Published Work