kristen ruegg

Kristen Ruegg

Assistant Professor; Assistant Adjunct Professor

Biology, Colorado State University; UCLA IoES

200 W Lake St.
Campus Delivery 1878
Fort Collins, CO 80523


Ruegg lab

My work focuses on understanding the mechanisms that generate and maintain species diversity in a changing world.  I specialize in the application of genomic tools to address basic and applied evolutionary and ecological questions, specifically related to migratory animals such as: 1) How are genetically distinct populations connected across the annual cycle? 2) What is the role of migration in generating species diversity? And 3) Which populations will have to adapt most to keep pace with climate change? The methods I use are integrative, combining field-based behavioral studies, population genetics/genomics, and GIS-based ecological modeling. My main focus is co-directing the Bird Genoscape Project, a large multi-institutional effort to harness genomic methods for migratory bird conservation.



Alternative Energy and Biodiversity

A U.S. Department of Energy Funded Project to Understand the Demographic Impacts of Solar Energy Sites on Migratory Bird Populations Increased solar energy production is a critical element of efforts…

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