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Award-Winning Documentary “A Smallholder’s Voice” Takes Home the Golden River Award for Best Climate Change Short

We are thrilled to announce that the short documentary “A Smallholder’s Voice” has once again garnered well-deserved recognition, clinching the prestigious Golden River Award for Best Climate Change Short at the esteemed River Film Festival in Padova. This remarkable achievement marks the third consecutive award for this thought-provoking film, further solidifying its impact on audiences worldwide.

The film’s previous accolades include the esteemed “Best long form documentary – short” award at the WILDsound Festival and the esteemed “Best Short Documentary” award at the Sweden Film Awards. Each recognition further solidifies the documentary’s impact and showcases the dedication and hard work of the talented team behind its creation.

To experience the compelling storytelling and visual prowess of “A Smallholder’s Voice,” we invite you to watch the documentary on YouTube at the following link: . This thought-provoking film offers a captivating window into the challenges faced by smallholder farmers and the urgent need for climate action.

Additionally, we encourage you to explore the audience feedback, which speaks volumes about the impact and resonance of this documentary. Discover the profound effect it has had on viewers by visiting this link:

Cacao farming in Cameroon.
Cacao farming in Cameroon.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire team behind “A Smallholder’s Voice” for their outstanding achievement and continued success. Their dedication to shedding light on pressing environmental issues and empowering smallholder farmers is truly commendable. We eagerly await their future endeavors and the impact they will undoubtedly create.