Air, Food & Water

From field to fork, city to town, people need safe air to breathe, clean water to drink and nutritious food to eat. Our research looks at the various aspects of these vital resources to understand how 7.7 billion people can get what we need to live while preserving the natural systems we depend on.


In the News


Greg Pierce for LAist — It’s A New Water Year. What Can We Expect Ahead?

Director of UCLA’s Human Right to Water Solutions Lab, Greg Pierce discusses California’s water supply for LAist. The anticipated wet year “should set us up again to avoid desperation,” but…

Hansen spreading grounds in Sun Valley is one of L.A. County's largest stormwater capture and flood control basins. (Erin Stone / LAist)


Glen MacDonald for Spectrum News ‘Just In SoCal’ — California’s wildfire crisis

UCLA geography professor and director of the White Mountain Research Center Glen MacDonald sits down with Tanya McRae for Spectrum News to discuss why we’re facing fewer but larger wildfires—and…

A firefighter works against the Lake Hughes Fire in Angeles National Forest north of Santa Clarita in August. (Associated Press) \ wildfire


Daniel Swain for CNN— Hurricane Hilary intensifies to Category 3 strength, threatening significant flooding in Southern California, Southwest

UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain discusses Hurricane Hilary for CNN, stating that “multiple years’ worth of precipitation” could potentially fall in some of California’s driest areas.

Hurricane Hilary Rain Forecast | John Keefe, CNN


Glen MacDonald for Los Angeles Times —As Mojave Desert burns, we’re seeing the flip side of California’s weird weather year

UCLA climate scientist Glen MacDonald reveals why California needs a new perspective on wildfires for Los Angeles Times. ”We have to live with fire,” says MacDonald. “We’re never going to…

Vegetation that has benefited from California’s abundant snow and rainfall this year has provided fuel for the fire. Yuccas burn during the York fire in the Mojave National Preserve on July 30 | David Swanson, Getty Images


Benjamin Bass for NBC News — Colorado River Basin has lost 10 trillions gallons of water due to climate change: Study

UCLA atmospheric & oceanic scientist Benjamin Bass discusses a new study confirms that the vital Colorado River Basin has lost 10 trillion gallons of water over a period of 21…

Lester Holt, Colorado Basin


From Farms to Cities: Percolating New Ideas for Water Security

Sustainable Conservation a non-profit and IoES practicum client partner produced this video from an event held Sept 6, 2017 Following winter rains that pummeled the state, it’s easy for California’s…

Why Marine Biology Matters to You in a High CO2 World

Robert Eagle Tripati, Assistant Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability